Todd Rogers

Dr. Todd Rogers

Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Director, Student Social Support (S3) R&D Lab
Faculty Director, Behavioral Insights Group
Dr. Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers is a behavioral scientist whose work applies behavioral science insights and methods to understand important social challenges and to develop interventions to mitigate them. His overarching goal is to ensure that behavioral policy research is implemented widely and with fidelity. Todd's research interests include studying the best ways to empower families to more effectively support student success and to improve democratic effectiveness. While at Radcliffe as a 2019-20 Radcliffe Institute Fellow, he will study the factors that lead to the diffusion and widespread adoption of welfare-enhancing innovations and practices, especially those leveraging behavioral insights. 

At Harvard, Todd is Faculty Director of the Behavioral Insights Group, Director of the Student Social Support R&D Lab, and Faculty Chair of the Executive Education Program on Behavioral Insights and Public Policy. He is also a Senior Researcher at ideas42 and an Academic Advisor with the UK's Behavioural Insights Team. 

Prior to HKS, Todd was Founding Executive Director of the Analyst Institute, which uses randomized field experiments and behavioral science insights to understand and improve voter communication programs, as well as co-founder of EveryDay Labs (formerly InClass Today).

Todd received a PhD jointly from Harvard’s Department of Psychology and Harvard Business School and received a BA from Williams College, majoring in religion and in psychology.