About: The Student Social Support R&D Lab uses data and behavioral science to develop and prove scalable, high ROI interventions that mobilize and empower students’ social support systems to improve achievement.  It is a diverse, public-minded, and collaborative team. For more information, visit

Positions: We are hiring one person for each position.  Both positions can begin late spring or summer (as late as August).  They are located at Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, MA.
Research Fellow (Project Manager) -
Research Fellow (Data Analysis) -

The Research Fellows will join professor Todd Rogers and his team in the Student Social Support R&D Lab (S3 R&D Lab) at the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School. The S3 R&D Lab works on projects at the intersection of education, psychology, judgment and decision-making, and behavioral science. Most of the S3 R&D Lab’s research projects explore the impact on student achievement of mobilizing the support of students' family and friends.  This education intervention research takes place in a range of educational settings, including K-12 schools and districts, online universities, state and community colleges, and MOOCs. These educational settings are primarily based in the United States.


Either Research Fellow position is an excellent opportunity for those interested in eventually pursuing advanced degrees and/or careers in research. Our Research Fellow alumni are currently attending:
- Harvard University, PhD program, education policy
- Stanford University, PhD program, education policy
- University of Chicago, joint MPP/MBA
- University of Michigan, PhD program, political science
- University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), PhD program, behavioral science
- Yale University, PhD program, political science